Should entropy bring us together?

Physicists tell us that the universe is moving from a state of heat and useful energy to one of cold and entropy, eventually ending in a “heat death” in which all of creation is “reduced to a vague buzz of faint and useless heat.” If so, then it is not just the human race that must worry about its imminent destruction (when the sun explodes), but every single thing in the universe.

Historically, it seems fair to say that people under the same, existential threat have shown a tendency to set aside their (sometimes significant) differences and come together. If so, shouldn’t we all just be getting along (both with each other and the rest of the universe)? Maybe we’re just not paying attention.

2 Responses to “Should entropy bring us together?”

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    […] encouraging (to me) was his adamant belief that the universe is not sliding toward an irreversible “heat death” but is instead recycling itself infinitely. I didn’t catch the details, and couldn’t […]

  2. Dust antelopes « Massless Particles Says:

    […] Anyone who believes too strongly in unremitting entropy hasn’t seen the massive dust formations plotting in the corner of my […]

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