What’s my age again?

Been hearing that 30 is the new 20 for some time now, which I suppose makes 40 the new 30. Which is nice if you’re 40. On the other hand, with kids growing up faster than ever, I don’t doubt that 13 is the new 16, which would make 16 the new 19 and 18 the new 21, but don’t try to tell that to the authorities. And anyone who watches professional sports knows that 20 is the new 25. I’m also certain that 70 is the new 60 (if not 50), given the knuckle-dragging septuagenarians I’ve seen on the slopes recently. I know that as soon as I strapped on a snowboard I became ten years younger. This is all without mentioning that, in the last ten years, unprecedented upheavals in technology, juxtaposed with ever greater and faster exposure to everything, can either make you feel like you were born yesterday or are wise beyond your years, depending on the day.

All in, I lose track, though I think I may be around twenty. Which is unfortunate because I’m craving a shot of tequila (or maybe just a wine cooler).

3 Responses to “What’s my age again?”

  1. Dugga Says:

    does this have anything to do with HGH and “the cream”?

  2. beejay Says:

    Love it, TB. My sentiments exactly.

  3. Roberta Says:

    My back is 80, my mind is 40, and my heart is 7.

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