2007’s greatest innovation

I’d probably have to go with the Instant Replay button on my Comcast remote control. Punch it and you instantly jump back about 10 seconds.

Perfect for sports highlights caught with just the corner of your eye or indicated only by the roar of the crowd as you look up from your HungryMan to see you missed it. It’s also an excellent solution to otherwise ill-fated attempts to hit the “Play” button at exactly the right time after fast-forwarding through commercials.

In fact, it’s so good, I find myself reaching for it when I’m not even watching television, wishing I could apply it to the car radio, conversations, that image of the cute girl getting on the bus…

One Response to “2007’s greatest innovation”

  1. The Secret In’N’Out Menu of Technology « Massless Particles Says:

    […] Another beautiful secret menu item is the 30-second fast-forward button on the Comcast remote control (which you have to program yourself).  Almost as wonderful as the not-s0-secret but oft overlooked instant replay button. […]

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