Geeky library voyeurism

I recently picked up Master and Commander from the library.  Somewhere around page 100, when Captain Aubrey was just taking the Sophie out for its first sail, I discovered among the pages the last patron’s receipt for the items he/she checked out at the time.  I have to admit I was vaguely fascinated, as I was reading or had read 3 out of 4 of them (or maybe it was the late hour), and wondered if all 4 books were for the same person or if some were for other family members.  Here’s what they went for (and my 2 cents):

Ender’s Game (excellent)
Master and Commander (in process)
Cannery Row (a modern classic)
The Sunday Philosophy Club (no idea)

One Response to “Geeky library voyeurism”

  1. Mahir Says:

    Libraries still exist?

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