Upon tomorrow, could I turn
And face this bright, impatient day?
Look the doubtful shadows in the eye,
Respond to the raised brow of yesterday?
And what, then, shall I say?
That I regarded other things?
That I let it slip away?

And can it be
That you and I
Meandered in the hallways of our minds?
That we
Neglected now for hopes and memories,
Familiar myths and enemies
Of the sunlit city corner
Where we might have stopped and kissed?
Of the laughing moment in the square
That we missed?

Shall I presume to ask forgiveness of today
When fear or weakness causes me to stray?

3 Responses to “Gone”

  1. W.C. Varones Says:

    Nice one!

    You warming up for the new Federal Writers Project?

  2. tb Says:

    ha! It’s starting to look that way. Good thing the writers’ and artists’ lobby is such a powerhouse.

  3. Charlie McDanger Says:

    Top notch, tb.

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