Thanks, teach

Seriously, thank you, to all of those teachers of my younger years.  I am sure I never said it back then.  Yours is among the noblest of professions. The public schools I attended were fine institutions, and you made them so by being good at your calling.

Thanks to you I can read Moby Dick or A Tale of Two Cities and actually love them; I can dust off my algebra to solve for two variables, or string a bit of poetry together to make my girl smile; I can muddle my way through remote towns in Chile (at least in the present tense); and create a colored-chalk drawing that my nephew, at least, can recognize as a pirate ship.

These are not necessarily marketable or monetizable skills (at least not at the level I practice them!)  But there is joy simply in doing them.  During a period of life when everything seems to be measured by its price tag, I am glad to be reminded of the simple pleasure of knowledge and the curiosity that begat it.

Thank you.

Davenport Ridge Elementary School 1982; Turn of River Middle School 1984; Stamford High School 1988

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