“The speed of light, as we’ve all heard, is a constant: 186,171 miles per second in a vacuum. But it is different in the real world, outside a vacuum; for instance, light not only bends but also slows ever so slightly when it passes through glass or water. Still, that’s nothing compared with what happens when [Lene Vestergaard] Hau shines a laser beam of light into a BEC [a form of matter called a Bost-Einstein condensate]: it’s like hurling a baseball into a pillow. “First, we got the speed down to that of a bicycle,” Hau says. “Now it’s at a crawl, and we can actually stop it—keep light bottled up entirely inside the BEC, look at it, play with it and then release it when we’re ready.””

— from

Uh……wow.  I suppose stopping time isn’t far behind?

2 Responses to “Stoplight”

  1. W.C. Varones Says:

    Dude, I’ve got some cold fusion to sell you.

  2. tb Says:

    no thanks. I’m just going to drill for shale under my garage.

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