The peak of laughter

A study of laughter back in 1996 confirmed that laughter reduces stress, increases bloodflow and has a number of other salubrious effects on mind and body.  It also found that a child tends to first laugh at 2-3 months of age, and thereafter laughs more and more until reaching, at age 6, a peak of nearly 300 laughs per day!

At this point, apparently, laughter gets the Telegram, and the average number of laughs per day begins its decline.  The study posits social norms and a desire to fit in as the causes.  This will surprise no one, I’m sure.  Many days, I’m happy if I get in one or two.

Which is particularly sad when one considers that laughter is one of the two ancient secrets to long life and inner peace (the other, of course, being hot tubs.)

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