Arnold says “Don’t do drugs”

Highly recommend the film “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.”  Fascinating, informative (for me at least), thought-provoking, and at times disgusting, enraging and depressing.

And it’s not just about anabolic steroids.   Though it consciously lacks a singular point of view or judgment (those of you who hate Michael Moore will appreciate this), it shines a bright light on some questionable aspects of (American) culture, including its preoccupation with body image (and its evolution over the last several decades) and its glorification of winners (and corresponding disdain for losers).

2 Responses to “Arnold says “Don’t do drugs””

  1. oblogdeeoblogda Says:


  2. W.C. Varones Says:

    Saw it. Went out and got some roids the next day. Hope my roid rage doesn’t mess up my poker.

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