Compliment Table

Was walking down Union Street last weekend when we were heckled by two young guys drinking beers outside a local bar.  But this was a different kind of heckling.  One of them genuinely complimented me on my fleece jacket (which bore the logo of Anchorsteam) and declared that he, too, loved Anchorsteam.

We looked closer and saw that a make-shift sign had been pinned to the table at which the two young gentlemen sat.  It read “Compliment Table.”  We smiled and said “Thank you!” and kept walking, only to hear them again, yelling out to the guy behind us, “Those are cool shoes, man!”  (They were, in fact, cool shoes.)

Every passerby seemed to grin, even if he didn’t want to.  Those guys were probably responsible for at least 100 smiles that day.  My compliments to the Compliment Table!

2 Responses to “Compliment Table”

  1. W.C. Varones Says:

    Did they get your number?

  2. sreejith koyamparambath Says:

    That reminds me of the flick, Pass It Forward.

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