Thinking back the pain: Dr. John Sarno

If you have chronic pain (back pain or otherwise) that the “established” medical profession can’t seem to fix, you might try the three steps below.  Among the thousands of people helped by Dr. Sarno’s program, I and five others I know personally have been cured of chronic pain (including back pain, foot pain, neck pain and headaches.)

  1. Read this Wikipedia entry about Dr. Sarno.
  2. Buy and read his second book.
  3. Buy, watch and follow the instructions in his video (and stick with it.)

Good luck.  (Note:  I’m not a doctor, and I am in no way associated with Dr. Sarno and don’t make any money from sales of his books/video!  I had chronic foot pain for almost two years, saw many doctors, and was even told I might need foot surgery.  After two people (one a chiropractor!) referred me to Dr. Sarno’s book, the pain went away in about 3 months and has been gone now for over 6 years.)

2 Responses to “Thinking back the pain: Dr. John Sarno”

  1. W.C. Varones Says:

    What happens to people with back pain and attention spans too short to read the book? I have this friend like that…

  2. tb Says:

    Hmm. Maybe you can fall asleep to the audio version.

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