One Lump or Two?

I have a friend who at one point decided he only needed one bite of dessert.  It wasn’t a weight thing or a health thing; he was in any case very fit.  Whether it be chocolate cake or apple crisp, he had simply determined that he only required one bite in order to fully savor the experience and pleasure of the sweet.  There was no need for him to have the full piece.

It seemed a little silly to me.  I am a chocolate lover, and I felt that if I enjoyed that first bite, I may as well enjoy a few more and finish the slice.  But I’ve thought about it many times since then, and I wonder in particular whether he has expanded this view to the rest of his life.  If one bite of cake is enough for complete fulfillment, would he say the same of a beautiful song heard only once, or of a singular night of love never to be reprised?  I played three very solid years of Little League baseball in my youth, and was an all-star my final year, but I was smaller then, and I hit only one home run in my brief career.  I admit it was a powerful feeling that I will never forget.  Yet if I had the choice, I’d like to have jacked a few more over the fence.

And of course I wonder, too, whether he would apply his view to life itself.  How much life is enough for fulfillment?  If my friend can say that he needs only one hour, well lived, to be happy and complete, then I must admit he has struck upon something more powerful than I at first imagined.  I am happy to say that he continues to live his hours and occasionally even give me a call to tell me about them, yet if he has fully realized that one bite of dessert is truly enough, and one hour of this blessed life enough, then I imagine he truly views every additional breath as a gift, free of need and desire and the fear of it all ending.  He must be happy indeed, and I am happy for him.

Maybe I don’t need that third blueberry pancake after all.

“Is this not enough?
This blessed sip of life,
Is it not enough?
Staring down at the ground
Oh, then complain and pray for more from above,
You greedy little pig….”

~Dave Matthews, from Pig

2 Responses to “One Lump or Two?”

  1. fairy tarot Says:

    I do believe the amount of sites that strive to “grow their supporter base by communication” is actually becoming increasingly popular. Many people jumped into creating webpages and blogging without seeing the need for developing a connection with their audience. Like you’ve here, congrats.

  2. tb Says:

    Thanks fairy tarot! Glad you like it.

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