Bedtime Inspirations

I tend to stumble upon some of my best ideas just before falling asleep.  If you’ve ever experienced this, then undoubtedly you’ve also felt the frustration of waking up, remembering that you had a great idea, but forgetting what it was.  My trick to combat this:  First, keep something on your bedside table that doesn’t belong on the floor (let’s call it the MacGuffin).  I typically use a book, but it can be anything (and in fact something more odd than a book might work better.)  When you get that great idea, but don’t want to get out of bed or turn on the light to write it down, pick up your MacGuffin and stare at it while focusing on your idea, then toss the MacGuffin on the floor where you’ll trip over it in the morning.

When you wake up and see the MacGuffin, you’ll remember your brilliant idea.

One warning:  I don’t overuse this technique (maybe because I don’t have enough great ideas?)  If you’re subject to brilliant inspiration every night and use the MacGuffin each time, I wonder if you might dilute the effect.

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