Beginner’s Mind

“I suggested that to try something deeply imaginative that a writer had to be willing to be wrong.

Cunningham agreed.  “Yes.  Willing to be wrong.  Willing to throw away 100 pages, if needs be, willing to risk spending a year or two of your life on something that won’t pan out.  No wonder writers jump out of windows.

You wish for determination, though, on the part of every serious writer.  Just go and go and go and dig your way out of jail with a teaspoon.  At some point you give over to it.  Of all human enterprises only writing is bottomlessly, ceaselessly interesting to me, and people’s successes and failures of trying to get down on paper something that can stand up next to even the most ordinary hour of real life is just hugely interesting.  And you never get good enough.  You never feel competent at this.  You need to feel always a little bit bad at this.  If you start to feel like an expert, you’re probably dead as a writer.”

~Judith Moore

2 Responses to “Beginner’s Mind”

  1. charlie Says:

    With that, Ms. Moore put down her pen and jumped out the window.

  2. victoria Says:

    Tommy, I loved this book by Annie Dillard, you might like it too 🙂

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