Okay, Eminem, okay

I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan, though I’ve always recognized the talent.  Lately, however, I reached out to his music for some reason.  Here’s my current top 5 list:

  1. The Real Slim Shady
  2. ‘Till I Collapse
  3. Love the Way You Lie
  4. Lose Yourself
  5. Not Afraid

6 Responses to “Okay, Eminem, okay”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Same boat…limited exposure but I respect the music. Have you tried much Tupac?

  2. Tommy B Says:

    Haven’t tried Tupac. Can you give me a top 5?

  3. charlie Says:

    I’m a simple white boy. I just heard my roommate’s Greatest Hits a lot during college, and thought, now that ain’t bad at all. I’m a sucker for “Changes,” though.

  4. Jahan Says:

    For eminem — white america, business, soldier, sing for the moment, hallie’s song, my dad’s gone crazy, just lose it, without me, say goodbye to hollywood, when the music stops.

  5. Jahan Says:

    Also — outkast (last call, so fresh so clean, roses, hey ya, gasoline dreams, the way you move, sleeping, ms jackson, xplosion, gangsta sh*t, we luv deez hoez), nas, busta rhymes (bladow!), notorious big (notorious), mos def (rock n roll), kanye west (stronger, golddigger), dmx (ruff ryders’ anthem), 2pac (me against the world), de la soul (potholes in my lawn, plug tunin, me myself and I, daisy age).

    In another direction — gorillas (5/4, clint eastwood), john forte (poly sci), beatnuts (watch out now), spearhead, black eyes peas, fugees.

  6. Jahan Says:

    And busta rhymes (c’mon all my niggaz, turn it up, there’s not a problem my squad can’t fix), jay-z (change the game), nas (shoot em up), wu tang clan (gravel pit). Ok. I think I’m done.

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