Eyes of a Child

A friend of mine is renovating his home, so he and his wife and their two little boys boxed up their belongings and moved out for a bit. They put half in storage and took the other half with them to a small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.  Each day, the boys open up another box.  Sometimes they find toys, but other times just kitchen utensils, extension cords, lamps, whatever. Inevitably, however, they are surprised and delighted by what they’ve found, as if it were Christmas.

Now, we’ve all been admonished to see the world through the eyes of a child – that is, to see everything as if it had burst into creation the instant before we looked at it, as if it were something wholly new, undiscovered, original. Because, in truth, it is.  It’s hard to do this, and some of us might grumble that it’s easy for a child to look at everything as if it were brand new, because to the child it pretty much is. So what struck me about my friend’s boys was that they were hugely excited to open up a new box every day, even though they had already seen everything inside.  Now that’s something to aspire to.

One Response to “Eyes of a Child”

  1. Jahan Says:

    Wise aspirations indeed. That seems to be one of the fundamental challenges of life — to be ready, as much as possible, to shrug off the weight of preconception, to discard confident anticipation, to emerge from the safe comfort of familiar dismissiveness, so that we can actually experience whatever is presently before us. Only then are we truly experiencing the specific thing that’s there at the moment, a thing that is likely different (perhaps in interesting, surprising ways) from what it or its kin before it was the last time we saw it incarnated. And only then are we prepared to notice those differences, which in themselves are substrates for new experience or insight or feeling.

    Perhaps the child’s wisdom is that everything actually is new, after all.

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