The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin…

“…the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

I can’t deny I sometimes fall into the familiar trap – believing that once I get things in order – whether it be a day’s to-do list, or a year’s goals, or maybe even farther flung challenges – then I can relax and just be present.  (“Find my beach,” per my new favorite Corona commercial.)  Sometimes this still seems true – if the house is burning down, maybe you need to interrupt your romantic dinner and grab a fire extinguisher.

But on a deeper level, I’m getting the feeling that it is, of course, the opposite.  That once we relax and be present (much easier said than done), then things start falling into place.  I don’t use the word “order” here, because trying to order or organize life is at best frustrating and at worst futile.  Still, things just might start working themselves out more easily than if we first try to force them and then try to relax.  Or at least it might seem to us that they work themselves out more easily, which is ultimately the same thing.

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