We are all witnesses

This morning I found myself staring at a patch of sunlight on my carpet – an angled rectangle made up of six smaller rectangles – shaped by the windowpane through which the light passed to enter.  It was quite beautiful, if quotidian.

I stood beside it and had this urge to jump into the light.  I, and my society, have virtually programmed myself to believe that you always have to “go for it” and “dive right in” when you see something good or potentially good.  Seriously.  I take this to heart enough so that I often do things like jump into pools of light.  And sometimes it’s fun, or more than fun.

But I stopped myself this morning, because I realized that if I jumped into this patch of light, it would no longer be the beautiful pattern I was then enjoying, and I would no longer be able to see it in the same way.  It was like standing at the edge of a perfectly still lake which held the reflection of a mountain, and knowing that if you jumped in you would destroy the scene.

Sometimes you need to just rest and witness and absorb, without disturbing or injecting yourself into the reality unfolding around you.  And remember that even then you are still a part of it, that the audience is a critical part of the performance, not as separate as it may seem.

Enjoy the show.

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