Male Weepies

A female friend of mine said there was really no such thing as a “Male Weepie.”  That is, a movie that makes men cry.  More precisely, she said that all Male Weepies were really just sports movies with an emotional punch.  Think Rudy.   Think The Champ.

I was a bit flummoxed at first, and feared she might be right – that guys could only permit themselves to cry at movies if it involved something as stereotypically masculine as sports.   I only further confirmed her suspicion when I recalled the movie that chokes me up every single time I watch it on late-night cable:  Field of Dreams.  (“Hey Dad, you wanna have a catch?”  I mean, C’MON!)

But I’ve been thinking some more, reaching back to non-sports films that had me getting something out of my eye.  Here are a few:

  1. Finding Neverland
  2. On Golden Pond
  3. Away From Her
  4. Life is Beautiful

4 Responses to “Male Weepies”

  1. Jahan Says:

    Also apparently anything while your wife is pregnant.

  2. Hayes Says:

    Isn’t movies that are really about fathers? Or lack thereof?

    Also, you know who often makes grown men cry? Bruce.

  3. Dave Vockell Says:

    Brian’s Song. Yeah, yeah, it’s a sports movie, but it’s not about the sports. Same thing with Friday Night Lights — my main source of man tears.

  4. tb Says:

    Hayes, love the Bruce reference even though I don’t get it. (from They Call me Bruce?)

    V – ha! Those are both sports-related! Fail! But you can’t hide your tender heart.

    Glad to have you both among the (very exclusive) readership!

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