You are a lucky top

And maybe we are just angels dancing on the head of a pin, but our dancing is really a form of spinning – intense, fantastically fast spinning – so that, most of the time, when you look at the dance floor you see what look like tops, what in fact are tops.  Twisting and blurring around the floor on the head of the pin, sometimes bumping into each other gently, sometimes violently, other times buzzing against each other with a friction, an energy, an intimacy.

And maybe sometimes you spin too fast, too wildly, wobbling and buzzing with an urgency, a panic.  Out of control.  You careen toward the edges of the dance floor, and the head of the pin is flat and without walls, so that beyond the edge is just the steep drop into eternity.  And maybe you’re spinning far too fast now to stop yourself, to even see the edge.

And then, if you’re very fortunate, a group of others takes notice.  They spin themselves to the outside edge of the pinhead, they form an unbroken ring around the dance floor.  And they stop spinning.  And we can see again that they are angels, their arms spread wide and interlocked to form a wall which holds you, keeps you from teetering over the lip.  Embraces you.  Then calms you and sets your spinning aright again.

Remember their faces, these still figures, who stop their dancing for you.  These are your friends.  You are a lucky top.

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