MacBook Air and Life

I’ve pooh-poohed the Mac proseltyzers for some time now, thinking my PC was perfectly fine.  I could browse the same web, write the same verse, listen to the same music; what was the big deal?  Then I bought a MacBook Air and… I don’t know, there’s just something about this stupid machine. It’s frickin’ awesome.

I wasn’t wrong:  I don’t actually accomplish anything different – same work, same words, same banality or brilliance, depending on the day. But it’s in the doing, somehow.  This machine is just more fun to use.  It’s stupid, I admit it, but little things – like using a 3-finger swipe to go back a webpage rather than clicking on a back button – somehow they MATTER.

Which leads me to life.  It is easy to focus too intensely on the “big” things as a means of enjoying/growing/changing/living our lives – your relationship, your professional goals, that mystical month-long voyage in Bali.  But then you have these little things – whether you buy the red rug or the brown, go for a run or eat a cupcake (or both), turn on the tv or light a candle.  (Light a candle.)  It’s easy to dismiss these small realities – as unimportant, as not likely to have an effect on your being or your outlook.

But they are.  And they do.

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