Latest texts in my iPhone message list

When you open up the text message app on your iPhone, it shows you a list of the last people you texted with, and the last text sent to or from each person.  I like the way this list often combines into some kind of non-sequitur story of the absurd.

The latest ten, currently…

  1. Sorry, the 911 text was supposed to be for my friends lost in a corn maze.  But glad you think I’m fearless!
  2. Cool, let’s talk in the morning & figure out a plan.
  3. Carter is bluffing.  Take him DOWN.
  4. I am Cack committed.
  5. I’m sorry dude can’t make it; surgery conference here in sf
  6. K
  7. They call you Junior Fireman
  8. I can live with a little hate 🙂
  9. Back left
  10. For at least as long as the show

2 Responses to “Latest texts in my iPhone message list”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Love this. So reminiscent of my favorite pastime: eavesdropping on passing strangers. A sentence or two out of context can be enormously entertaining.

  2. tb Says:


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