Wow, this is really bad, pedestrian, BORING, and no one’s ever going to care or be interested let alone like it, making this a complete waste of time and what the fuck am I doing with my life I don’t think you get a SECOND CHANCE, but wait what if I work and work and revise and coffee and whiskey and laugh and work and work and WORK, then wait now maybe that looks a bit better and, yes, it’s starting to FLOW, so that I wonder where did that line come from and, wow, that’s not bad at all in fact that’s kind of smart, and this could really be something in a way that deeply touches people and makes them FEEL and think and isn’t that why I do this and on second thought this is FUCKING BRILLIANT and could just change the world.

One Response to “Seesaw”

  1. Charlie Says:

    I hope it’s a script.

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